Divine Motions is more than just a Center

We provide quality teaching and offer support to all individuals with different needs.
Our support teams are available at all the time and stages: Our support is continuous during your starting period, process of learning and until you achieve outcomes.

Are you thinking of joining us at our center?

Visit our website and its information; we support you in choosing the course that’s right for you. We support with course advice. We support you with initial information about funding courses and pathways to job opportunities.

We are available to give support at your interview or assessment if needed. We have assistance for candidates with disabilities or additional learning needs such as:
• Individual learning needs support
• Dyslexia support from our qualified team

The Center has policies to meet equal opportunities along with grievance, bullying and harassment and whistleblowing policies to combat discriminatory attitudes and practices whether these are expressed by individuals or through institutional practices.

The Center is committed to a programme of positive action to make these policies effective; to monitoring and evaluating its progress and to targeting areas for improvement.

• We create a visibly diverse environment which values difference and raises aspiration
• We offer flexible opportunities which meet local learning need and enable all students to realise their potential
• All staff are clear about standards and strategies to meet diverse learner needs and are equipped to respond effectively
• We undertake open monitoring of learner and staff performance and experience to identify and act on equality gaps
• We have a comprehensive system to capture feedback of learner, staff and community of how we are doing and what we could improve
• We respect and value learners’ staff and community feedback to remain alert to patterns of inequality and related concerns which are not identified through statistical monitoring tools.

Divine Motions is a safe environment for learning and our delivery meet the needs of the learners and promote the community and economic needs.
We have a Safe guarding Policy.
We take your well-being and safety seriously

Our procedures ensure that you feel safe while you are at College. Staff are appropriately recruited and trained so that we can take immediate action should there ever be concerns about your welfare. We maintain zero tolerance drugs policy and smoking is not allowed on our premises.

a) Our mission is to create a community that has a successful future and that will help build the economy.

b) Our Vision is to create a successful a well trained work force in all areas of the industry with world class skills

c) Our Values
i) Equality and excellency
ii) Inspiring, innovative and inclusive
iii) Successful and supportive
iv) Equal opportunities for all
v) Professional integrity
vi) Support learners throughout until they achieve their goal
vii) We will endeavour to be excellent in what we do.

d) Employment services – please visit http://www.theskillspeople.org/